Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tonight's LOL hand

Good day today, recent upswing on Full Tilt continued with a few healthy cashes, and I cashed in the evening $45K Gtd rebuy on Ipoker (formerly the $50K). No big deal, went out in 26th for a profit of just over $200. Every time I play the tournament I ask myself why I don't play it every night: std dreadful. I think I've played it maybe 10 times in total and cashed 5 or 6 times and final tabled it twice. Gets very crapshooty from bubble time on with the extent of most people's decisions being whether to fold, or push their 6 to 10 big blind stack. I exitted tonight pushing my 8 bigs with KQ into AK.

Tonight's LOL hand:

Small blind limps, I check with Q4.
Flop AQT. He checks, I chuck out a half pot bet which he calls.
Turn K. Check check.
River J. So now there's broadway on the board, no flushes are possible, so a split is inevitable. He checks and I comedy ship.
After some thought, he folds.


obv. he put you on 10 2 for the 'up and over 7 card straight'

world class fold imo

meh if reading poker hands was my strong suit, I'd be the one blogging about my wins!


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