Thursday, August 13, 2009

Owned in backgammon and the best free pizza line

Poker: running well online again. Followed up cash in $45K on Ipoker with a final table the following night. Ended up 6th for $2K, 99 < A9 all in pre. Played a $100 10 seater at the same time and won that, and cashed in a few sit n goes on Full Tilt at the same time so a good night all told. Only disappointment was coming 6th in the IWF satellite (2 packages).

Running: getting back into the full swing of it, feeling much more positive, and looking to run maybe one more ultra this year. I'd love to win another race before I get too old to be competitive at the top level so I've set that as my immediate goal. If I can get in shape for New York, I might give that a lash.

Irish Poker radio: Good craic with Ian and Nicky (and Paul Smallwood who was there too). Not sure about my interview, I think it might sound a bit Rain Man talks about maths in poker, but we shall see (or hear). Ian asked me to bring along a backgammon set and myself and Nicky played. Nicky's very good, we had a number of close games in a 3 pointer until the last one which he totally ran away with. There's a hidden danger with having "former backgammon champion" on your Hendon mob: I could be the fish that gets hustled by the poker players who can play the game into having to justify myself.

Free pizza: After we got home, Mireille ordered pizza. When it arrived, and had been inspected, she announced they'd got "the simplest little order" wrong. Naturally suspicious, I got her to repeat the order as she had delivered it. Something like "OK, I want a pizza, half with olives, half with pepperoni, and another half olives, half plain. Or wait, you can make one with olives and the other half pepperoi, half plain. That's simpler and the same thing". I offered the opinion that the confusion was perhaps not entirely surprising. She offered the counter opinion that I am an arsehole. Later, we got a free pizza after she rang to complain. I suggested that this was a very plus Ev outcome that rendered her whole "deliver the order in the most circuitous and confusing way possible" line optimal. The heavily accented English was a bonus. I suggested that the line should be reused in future. She repeated her earlier comparison of me to one of the most underrated parts of the human body.



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