Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good to be back

No rest for the was straight back into the online grind after Vegas. Online still going great, up over $1K on first day back.

The Fitz were adding 1K to their regular Monday freezeout. Mmmm.....added money. I find added money hard to resist so the 100 runners it would otherwise have attracted became 101.

Tourney started to my usual pattern of late...withering away from starting stack. I got past starting stack when my first few open shoves got respect, then I finally picked up a big hand, KK in the SB. Jim, a Fitz regular, raised utg, the button calls, I ships, Jim overships AQ and I hold. Shortly afterwards, I got my second big hand, the aces this time. Dinjo opens for 7K utg, Jim flats utg+1, round to me in the BB with the big lads. I don't really want a threeway pot and with a min raise being more than half my stack I figure it's either all in or all in. Dinjo instaoverships and Jim tanks it. Jim hates to fold but eventually found a fold with KQ. Dinjo had AQ and the aces held.

Also had the earlier pleasure of knocking The General Out. First I got lucky when he called my JTs shove with QJ and I sucked out (running good a week too late). Then he shipped J8o and I made a std priced in in the blinds call with 33 and held. He took it as well as ever.

Final table featured some familiar faces: Jim, Ken (Tiltmeup from Boards), Kevin Fitz, and Sean Gregory. I was flying until I called a shorty CO ship in the SB with my nemesis hand of late, A9s. I figured it was definitely ahead of his shipping range in that spot, but as it turned out was well behind his specific holding, my old nemesis hand, KK. In the battle of my exit hand from this year's WSOP Main event versus last year's, last year's held. Sean Gregory went out in 5th, and I was shortest of the 4 left. Ken suggested we all take third place (€1300) and flip on for the remaining €700, and the deal was done. I was crippled down to 1 BB after shipping 44 utg into 99 in the BB. I won the next hand to stay alive, then next UTG I pick up the big lads again and shippety ship. To my horror, getting about 7/2 on the call, the big blind seriously considers folding. Eventually he calls, I hold, and I'm back in the game. He exited shortly afterwards, and after we agreed to chop the remainder equally three ways. Fun tournament and good to be back in the swing of things so soon after Vegas.

Next up: the Westbury team event on Sunday where I'll be joined by Rob Taylor, Cat O'Neill and Lazarus himself, KP. Also looking forward to Waterford, my favourite place for poker.


Welcome back Doke! UL in Vegas - but WD on that nice bit of cash in the Fitz! Hope to check out that game soon if I'm well enough...

Back with a bang Dara, wp. Terrible call with the AQ. I was madder with myself on the way home than the General was with you!!
As you said yourself, only one way to play the Aces, ship and some Donkey will call you.

Feicfidh mé gan mhoill thú.

Nice cash Dara. €75 freezeout generating a €8.5k prize pool represents unreal value.

Unreal numbers the last 2 weeks; 96 & 101

Might see you in Tramore; not 100% sure if I'm going yet but probably.

Thanks QueenJ: big relief to get back in the groove, even if Sean Gregory kept commenting on how jetlagged I looked :)

Ul to run into the aces there Joe, there was a fair bit of dead money in there.

It's a great game all right Thomas, will try to make it next week. Good to see you back playing again. Tramore should be fun, and may be the highest average quality field of any tournament in Ireland this year. Last year's second last table I played on ranks as one of the toughest I've ever played on (it included Sean Prendiville, Big Mick G, Paul Quinn, Trevor Dinneen and some other top notch players).


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