Monday, July 20, 2009

Barely worth talking about

Lowkey week basically getting back into swing of things. Pottered away online to no great effect: a couple of $1K days, the rest breakevenish, so decent enough, especially as I think I'm running pretty horribly.

Team event in Westbury might be my dullest live tourney ever (not the tourney itself, just my part in it). Card dead, card dead, blind down, set mine a few small pairs without hitting, win a small pot with tens, lose a small one with queens when an ace flops and I give up, blind down, blind down, AQ ship for 10 bigs into AK, all over baby. Discussion afterwards about the ship and whether it was marginal in a team event but on reflection I'm happy enough with it. I'd have instashipped it in a normal tourney (AJ for that matter) but maybe marginal in a team event. Then again, I was gonna have to ship in the next orbit so folding AQ just seems wrong. Cat exited shortly after me and Rob tickled into the top half so by then our team goose was well cooked. It fell to KP to spare our blushes with a flawless performance all the way to the three way chop. Discussion with a couple of lads recently about the most underrated player in Ireland and I nommed KP as someone who hasn't yet got the attention or big score he so richly deserves. Most underrated is sometimes a bit of a euphemism, but actually KP's one of the best players in the country period and probably the most versatile.

Interesting discussion on Boards prompted by Gary Clarke's piece on whether Irish players are cutting it or not. My own personal opinion is that there are 90 or 100players here who could hold their own with anyone, below that there's a few hundred very decent players who would be well above average in any country, and below that you have a few thousand of the worst players you'll find anywhere and they never seem to get better. However, our bad players are at least harder to play against than most other countries, because they tend to be mad aggressive and illogical (and therefore unreadable). I do think that most Irish players focus a little too much on intangibles like "heart", "bottle" and "guts" and not enough on sound strategy, technique, application and math.


Well done in Tramore.

"Also looking forward to Waterford, my favourite place for poker".

care to explain why


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