Thursday, July 23, 2009


Never really been one for putting up graphs but never say never, here's my Full Tilt STT graph for the last three months.

Pretty happy with it since it's not even my main site (though fast becoming it). I've also picked up a silver star on Sharkscope as I'm now on the leaderboard for 4-6 table STTs with a buyin between $36 and $100.

One live outing this week, and a very short one in the Fitz. Blinded down to 5K last hand before the break looking down at AKs on the button. Early limp for 150, I make it 600, Ronan in the BB (competent regular, pro I think) makes it 1700. At these stacks I think it's a pretty std ship with both fold equity (I might fold out TT-) and call worse equity (AQ might call) and I figure to be racing at worst if called so in they went. He tanked it for a few minutes into the break before making the call with JJ and he held.

Off to Tramore today for the supersat tonight and main event tomorrow. Looking forward to it.



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