Monday, June 1, 2009

Get in ship etc.

Just qualified for the WSOP main event on Stars, essentially for $7.50 (Step 1 -> step 4 -> supersat -> WSOP ME). Had two shots at it today as I also qualified yesterday for Ipoker's one. I was flying in that early doors but ended up going out on the second last table (JJ on the button < 33 in the BB) whereas I was barely surviving in the WSOP thing. With over 1000 starters and only 51 packages I'd almost written it off after the bad start but in my usual style I nursed the short stack. I don't think I ever had even half average after the first level, and from 200 out I was one of the shortest stacks the whole way, which make for a very nerve-wracking bubble experience. Greatly helped by dudes doing mental shit like calling allins with Aq for 90% of their above average stacks.

I also snagged a ticket for the ECOOP main event next weekend (feeder sat -> supersat), so all in all, a very good night's work.


Unbelieveable well played fair play to you, look forward to charting your progress in the ME. GL

Brilliant stuff Dara congrats

I'm seriously impressed!!! Congratulations! GL in the ME!

Well Done Dara, delighted for you, another one to watch out for in the WSOP....

Brillant stuff

Thanks guys, your well wishes mean a lot :)

excellent work Dara, better get a new hat for the tv table....

I'm thinking go local and plump for a stetson

I'm toying with the idea of a Frank Spencer beret.

good stuff dara! welldone, see u in vegas

Cheers Mick, look forward to seeing you and the other lads out there

Excellent result(s) Dara. The online rush marches on.........


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