Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another final table

Had planned to spend the day doing online donkaments lol but now have the much more pleasant prospect of a final table in Citywesy in JP's new place. Great tournament, structure, atmosphere etc., and something of a miracle I'm there and decent stacked. I lost 14K of my 20K starting stack VERY FIRST HAND when I ran a flush into a bigger flush. I deserved to be out because I played it horribly. Also: note to self, stop playing suited connectors. They just don't work out for me.

Was down to 12K (6 big blinds) a bit out from the bubble when I raised with Jacks on the button. Derek Mulligan check raised me from the BB on a queen high flop and I decided I had just about enough to fold and scratch my eyes out when my read told me I was beat. Next hand I picked up pocket 8's and came over the top of the hijack's limp, he called with pocket 5's which I told him was my bete noir hand, sure enough he hit a 5 on the turn, but I sucked out on him on the river. Then a rush of cards and most importantly having my hands hold up when I got it in good and I surged to 371.5K by end of play.

Very interesting table, and played all day with Dave Masters which was a truly great experience. Boring TAG that I may be, but nothing excites me more than watching a really good LAG in action. Plus Dave clearly went to the same school of poker that the likes of my mate Mark Dalimore, or John O'Shea, went to. Guaranteed to tilt a few guys at the table, and entertaining to watch. I think at least some of the donations I received on my way to the final table were at least partly the result of Dave's table talk.

Anyway, as ever, all I can hope for is to play well, run good and not make any fatal mistakes.



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