Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ids and ands

First, let me just say how thrilled I am to hear that my PH, Nicky Power, has landed a sponsorship deal. Long overdue, IMO, and Bruce Poker have been very sharp not to miss a trick unlike the other operators in the Irish poker market by snapping up Ireland's most charismatic and popular-with-the-grassroots pro. Hopefully this is the start of some high profile TV appearances and the like for the world's only 50 year old man to bear an uncanny resemblance to a TV cartoon baby.

Also, belated congratulations to all the Irish who cashed in the main event, especially young James McManus (Hawkeye on boards) who sounds like he had a most eventful first Vegas :)

Not much to report myself, been grinding along online and planning my forthcoming live outings. As of now, the plan is to play JP's game in Citywest on Saturday, followed by the Fitz EOM the following Thursday, the Sporting monthly game the following Saturday, then the following Wednesday I head to Luton for the GUKPT leg there, and then back for the Irish Classic in the Macau in Cork (which I've also qualified for online).

On the running front, I've managed to shed most of the excess weight I gained in Vegas and proved to myself that not all was lost there by winning the old-but-not-too-old (ie, over 40) section of the latest Lord Mayor Series 2 mile road race in Raheny last night.



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