Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to the grind

Played the last side event in the Sporting Emporium's festival last night. First time there in yonks, disappointing enough turnout (18 runners) and I was crippled early on running queens into kings for the second time in a week. No regrets this time, the hand played itself, there's a world of difference between calling a Chris Dowling ship from the blinds getting 2 to 1 after you've raised the button, and shipping after Derek Murray has 4 bet from early position. Good craic while it lasted with Chris Dowling to my immediate left: Chris has had the Indian sign on me recently knocking me out of at least two tournaments and crippling me last night. Sporting Emporium is still a wonderful venue to play in but struggling for numbers: Alex is doing good work there trying to keep it going in what are clearly difficult circumstances.

Other than that, it's back on the horse and into the grind, which is probably lss newsorthy than the other way around. I've been running very badly on Tilt the past week but just won my first 45 man in yonks so better things ahead hopefully. Playing a bit of headsup and 6 and 10 mans on Ipoker again, and cashed in an MTT on Tilt last night (albeit a frustrating 2 buyin cash). Probably won't play live again before the Macau although would like to play Ciaran Moloney's going away thing in the Jackpot if I get a chance. Should be great craic and I encourage anyone looking for a game on Saturday to give it a lash.

Also, not sure if I mentioned this before but I'm now on Facebook and Twitter (DaraOKearney) to make it easier to cyberstalk me if you're so inclined. Plan going forward is to tweet chip counts (and maybe big hands) live from the bigger live tourneys I play. I promise to try to keep the bad beat whinges to a minimum.


Thanks for the heads-up on Cee's game Dara! Hope to see you there... You are one of his heros although he'll never admit it! :-D


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