Monday, August 3, 2009

I hate poker

Well, sometimes anyway. Tonight was looking like a big breakthrough night for me, was flying in both the Stars weekly final and the Poker Million qualifier on Full Tilt.

Stars: Trebled up practically first hand (set versus TPTK and overpair), comfortable all the way to the final table when I picked up aces 7 handed. Decided to limp them to maximise chance of getting action, and the eventual winner obliged, shipping KJ behind and flopping and rivering the jacks. Never really recovered from that and went out in 6th.

Poker Million: Early doubleup (AA v QQ all in pre), in great shape all the way, massive chipleader with 28K (second was 20K) with 15 left when I lost a 34K flip (AK v TT). Shortly afterwards, lost another flip against the short stack to become the short stack. Exited in 11th shipping AQ into KK. Turned an ace only to be rivered by a king.

Main event Galway: Good start, then probably my worst live moment this year. Derek Murray raised to 800 in early position, I made it 2500 on the button with queens (fine), he reraised to 7000 and after some thought I shipped my 17K (terribad). This despite the fact that my gut was telling me he almost certainly had kings here. But somehow I donk wishful thinking talked myself into "It might be AK". Pretty horrible stuff: Derek's range for the initial raise might be wide enough, but his range for 4 betting someone like me wouldn't be. Honestly don't know what came over me: would have been amazed not to see kings. And didn't.

Side event: Bubbled this fucker. Pretty card dead for the duration but notwithstanding managed to make the final table. Manus asked me at one point if I'd ever been over starting stack. Managed to get up to about 30K, which was 7 bigs by the time I shipped AJ from the SB over a limper. He tanked it and eventually made the call with AQ. I thought I was good as he took an eternity to turn over his cards and was nodding his head in a "Yeah, you got me" sort of way but no, and no suckout either.

Enjoyed the week in Galway though, and fair play to Fintan and Dave. They've created a very special atmosphere for poker down there.



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