Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Played Malahide tonight, played fine, but ultimately came down to one lost handicapped race on the FT. Folded around to me in the SB, I look down at AJ, BB is a local reg known as Sligo John who appears a bit looper aggro, so I try to figure out the best way to get him to shove light. I go with a standard raise which he gleefully smites with his allin. I snapcall as I know I'm miles ahead of his shoving range and he turns over QTo and proceeds to flop not one but two tens. Bonus points for that, plus combining the four standard dogging excuses into one sentence: "I thought you were at it, I was sure you'd fold and sure anyway, tis a good dogging hand and my cards were live".

In other news, I notice some wag has been editing my Wikipedia entry making it considerably more amusing. If whoever it was would like to own up, I might see it in my heart to reward them with a couple of per cents of my next major tournament action. I know, I know, 2% of nothing is nothing but in these recessionary times, tis the thought that counts.

Also, running so bad online it's not funny. Today's amusements included:
- Managing to crash out of my first DU today VERY FIRST HAND despite flopping the nut flush.
- AT no good against QT, AA no good against 24, AK no good against A7

Please to be switching the doom switch back.

Still dying from a cold, rendering running (the real kind, not the watching while your two cards compete with some fool's two for the favours of the board) impossible, and life somewhat unpleasant.

Recently set up a Facebook profile so if you have one and want to be Face buddies, send me a friendship request.


LOL!!!! Brilliant!

"O'Kearney was made famous by the online website for the quote "I don't care whether you're being sarcastic here but omg I just came" when referring to another poker Genius Nicholas Power.[6]. The two rose to fame whilst touring America in 2000 with their folk indie band "liquour in the front, poker in the back" which featured on popular TV show The O.C's soundtrack."

Sorry I just had to google it... you can't refer to it and not have it quoted! Please don't waste your precious 2% on NicNic(!) Can I have it for correctly guessing the culprit?!!! :D It gave me the best laugh today too!

LOL, Queenj, don't actually think it's Nicky, but since the culprit doesn't seem to be owning up, I guess I'll give you the 2% by default.


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