Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Back to whinging

Played JP's IPT leg in the Red Cow at the weekend. Never really got going in the Main Event. One very interesting hand early on against Oz (who had another great result to come third) currently being discussed on Boards. The line he took confused the Hell out of me. Bonus points for any Boardsies who can spot my mistake in the hand.

My second table featured the Clamper, Dave Masters, Scott Gray, Baz Hand and Martin Noonan. I played ok at this table: one blind on blind hand against the Clamper was good because it's the kind of hand I used to butcher.

My third and final table featured Chris Cooke, Christy Mongan, Mark McKeever, Pat Scanlan and Ionapaul. I was card dead and ended up with just 4K at the break, already in the shove or fold mode. I shoved my way back to 8K when Mongan limped utg (range, almost any 2), Scanlan raised to 1200 (range, 22+, A7+), a guy who seemed atrocious flatted on the button (range, very wide), I pick up AQ in the button and after a ponder decide this is a standard shove. Folded to the button who goes into the tank and then says the immortal words "I know I'm behind but I'm going to call anyway" that generally precede a dogging. Sure enough, he has K8s, flop is fine for me, but both turn and river bring an 8. Talking to Ozzy the next day he felt the guy was almost priced in at better than 6 to 4, but I disagree. While he's getting the correct odds to call against the hand I actually had, that is literally the only hand in my entire range that doesn't dominate him, so he's a 7 to 3 dog against the whole range.

The side event the next day went no better. I was card dead for the entire duration and just hovered around starting stack when the winner of the Cavan Open doubled me up in a weird little hand. I limped 33 in the HJ, button called, CO winner completed in the SB, so 4 players saw a flop of 763 with two hearts. Checked to me and I bet half pot and CO winner called. Turn's a real action card: 7 of hearts. He led for 1K, I raised to 3K, he flatted. Rivers a blank, he shoves, I call, and he says "Good call" and mucks.

That put me briefly back in the hunt but the blinds escalated, I lost 5K against Murt Ward blind on blind where I called him down with top pair good kicker to be shown a rivered two pairs. No good shoving opportunities presented themselves so I got blinded and anted back to about 6500 when I exitted with a whimper to a gross blunder. Thinking it had been folded round to me on the button, I shoved a decent suited queen only to realise too late there had been an utg raise (he had KK, lol). It probably made no real odds given how low I'd dwindled to, but I wasn't very happy going out to a gross blunder. I pride myself on keeping my wits about me at the poker table in all situations and this was only the second gross blunder in 18 months of tournament poker.

Played a few online sats yesterday and played pretty badly. Was going well in the Bruce sat for Killarney until I made a bad call against kakak: price was tempting at 2 to 1 but really I needed 3 to 1 in that spot. I'm also giving the DU STTs a go again online: it seems some of the better regs have given them up as a bad job, so there may be value there again. We'll see. Also working my way up through the normal STTs trying to get a reasonable idea of my edge at the different levels so I can settle on the optimal one from the pointd of view of bankroll, hourly rate and variance.

In life news, I have a pretty horrible cold at the moment. Live poker plan for the week is either Malahide tonight or the SE IO sat, and JP's Triple Shootout in Molloy's on Friday looks very interesting so I think I'll give that a go.



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