Monday, December 7, 2009

Newsflash: Channing likes money

Came down to Monaghan to do the IPR show with Ian. Special guest Neil Channing proved he could talk for England on his favourite topic (no, not poker). Played the tourney later. Never really got going and ended up shipping KQ into a certain Nordy luckbox's AK. Standard ship, standard call, standard result.

Afterwards Ian arranged an 11 player 20 Euro sit n go that included Rob Taylor and Neil Channing. I got three handed with about 40% of the chips, also known as 6 bigs, when I decided to trap limp aces in the SB. That plan back fired gloriously when Neil checked with it turned out QJ and the flop came QQ4. We managed to get the rest in on the turn.

That left Neil headsup with a local guy who had less than starting stack, or about 1 big blind. Ian suggested a €50 consolation prize for second but Neil displaying all the ruthlessness of a top poker player was having none of it. Which drew a rather blunt response from the local (rhymes with "You're some stunt").

Thanks to all those who took guesses at the significance of the 3 burgers and a diet coke in the last blog. Some very imaginative stuff: the actual answer is that it takes its inspiration from a Fitz regular who said he heard someone order that in McDonalds once and reflected on the irony or rather pointlessness of going for the diet beverage option when you've decided to down 3 burgers with it. Originally my post was going to be a long whining rant on how much I hate playing live at times, but in the end I decided that that's almost as dsilly as ordering 3 burgers and a diet coke.


Channing probably figures that the Irish owe him money after the raid on his hotel room...can't blame him really!

LOL, very true, he did mention that to us all right


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