Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Running like a fat drunk from Drogheda

Or worse: playing like one. My only live outing this week before Galway was in the monthly game in Malahide. First real hand of note was my exit: normally standard enough, KK into AA, but really I should have found the fold button as I knew deep down it was 95% aces. I knew it and still put the chips in, partly because I was thinking "Ah well, if I get knocked out I'll be home in time for the most profitable time of the night online". No excuse, you should never play any game unless you're giving it your all, but in fairness I did scoot on home and make almost as much online in a few hours as I would have if I'd chopped the tourney.

Online's still going ridiculously well as the merry upswing continues. It's so effortless at the moment that I know it can't possibly continue but I might as well enjoy it while I can. I've now pushed comfortably past six figures overall profit for the year online which is just as well given that my live profit is barely into five. Obviously I'm running well online at the minute, but I also think I'm reaping the benefits of a lot of hard work put in on the technical and mathematical side of the game. One thing that struck me in Vegas when I spoke about poker with the young pros there and also whenever I talk to the young English internet lads is how much attention and work they put into the technical side of the game. I think that's not necessarily one of the strengths of Irish poker culture. When Irish players talk poker it's all about moves and outrageous bluffs and 5 bet air shoves which are well and good but I believe the foundation of any good poker (or any other) game is a solid mastery of the technical aspect. It's no secret that many of our top live players lose or at least don't win online, and I think a lot of that is down to technical flaws. It's clearly possible to be a substantial winner on the Irish live scene in spite of some huge technical leaks, but that is not the case online.

Next up is Galway which I'm looking forward to. The IPC two years ago was my major tourney debut and although I was out last hand of day one (to Ciaran, ironically enough) it was a memorable experience as my table included Neil Channing, Roy Brindley and most memorably of all Maud Mulder. I missed last year's affair as it clashed with a race in New York, so I'm really looking forward to giving this year's a good ole lash.

Heading down tomorrow with Big Ian to do another show from the player's party. I believe Boyle's new sponsored pro Nicky "Tiger Woods" Power will be our esteemed guest. Known for his witty banter at the tables, Nicky's one of the great characters of Irish poker and hats off to Boyle's to looking beyond the usual parade of major tournament winners and big online winners to give a deal to somebody who could actually do with the money. Also good to see there's no ageism in Boyle's: many people felt that at 27 Nicky was a little long in the tooth and short in the hair but the fact that he landed his second major sponsorship from an Irish online site is stirring testament to the long hours he's put in on the golf course.


hi, how many tables do you play when multitabling, i've railed you a few times and you only seemed to be on 1 or 2 yet your sharkscope is excellent, just wondering cause i do read that ya need to be playing big number of tables or is it a case of better selection, congrats keep it up

Hi Ben,

Generally 6 tables max more usually 4 spread across the four main sites I play (Full Tilt, Ipoker, Stars, Party).

Was doing more until recently but have moved the focus to game selection

cheers thanks, ps congrats on the side event at ipc


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