Saturday, December 20, 2008


Nothing major to report but I don't want to fall into the "only blog when you're winning" trap so here goes almost nothing.

Played Duke's farewell gig/Jackpot Xmas party. Great fun. Occasions like this are a reminder of the number of genuine characters there are on the Dublin poker scene and the genuine warmth among them. Interesting chat and banter from other boardsies in attendance including Rory Brown, Tom Kitt, and Moneymaker. Worked up to about 20K without too uch incident but then went card dead at the crucial time and eventually found myself short on the second last table and shoved TT into KK and QQ.

Played JP's triple shootout in Molloys last night and again never really got going. First bad beat was seat draw: Dave Masters to my immediate left. Ended up shortish with 15 BBs and decided to trap limp a pair in the SB with a view to shoving when he inevitably raised, but he had a bigger pair and that was the end of me.

Online has been going a bit better. I'm trying to discipline myself to play at least an hour of cash every day. On the STT front, I decided to try to master the one big hole in my game, the 6 seater STT. Got some pointers from Rob, the best 6 seater STT player in Ireland IMO, to immediate effect as I won three on the bounce last night when I got in from Molloys.

Not sure when my next live outing will be or even if there will be one before New York.



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