Monday, December 22, 2008

Mutt on the bounty

Boyle asked me if I was interested in being one of the players with a bounty on their head in Marty's victory tournament tomorrow so of course I said yes. Never had a bounty on me before so it should be a bit of fun. You get $1000 if you knock Marty out, and $25 for the considerably easier task of knocking me out. Anyway, kudos to Boyle for coming up with a novel idea and their continued support for Irish poker.

Otherwise, I've just been grinding away online. I think I've almost mastered the 6 man STT format, which I'm hoping will stand me in good stead for my efforts next year to qualify for the Poker Million. Long time readers of this blog may remember I came within a one outer suckout of ualifying for this year's event, despite the fact that my six-handed game was my major weakness at the time.

Playing another IO sat yesterday and got up to about 3K before card death made me go looking for moves. No real excuse for my exit hand though which was both uncharacteristic and dire. Qualified for the next Deepstack final: it'd be nice to get qualification to that nailed down soon.

No definite live plans before New York: still undecided on the Leprechaun thing.



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