Monday, September 15, 2008

How now Red Cow, grazing in the Kansas meadow

Played Red Cow yesterday. Fun tournament. By fun, I mean it's always funny to be forced to look at poker through entirely new eyes, which is what you have to do when you're faced with a field playing a very different kind of poker from the norm. Or as Wilberforce Clynes put it more succinctly, you're not in Kansas now.
Anyway, tournament was a total non-event personally. I managed to win exactly one pot. Other than that, my worm steadily dribbled down to meet the rising tide of blinds, until down to 9 BB I shoved over the top of an UTG raise. AQs is not normally a hand I'd like all that much in that spot with no fold equity (or so I thought), but desperate times require appopriate measures, the guy was a very loose raiser who tended to raise big with his most scared hands, so I reckoned I was in decent shape, no worse than racing, if he called. Unfortunately, two others had already called by the time it got back to him, and (amazingly I thought, considering he's now getting 7 to 1 from the pot on the call) and he folded.
Flop came AJx rainbow so I thoght I might be ahead, turn and river were harmless enough, first caller announces Jack and tables KJ, but the other guy had AK. Oh well If I'd won that pot, I'd have virtually quadrupled up. Fun tourney overall though, and well organised.



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