Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Looking into her eyes for psychotic tendencies

Mireille's away in France visiting her parents for the week, so while the cat's away, the mouse....well, the mouse worries about how he's going to get fed. Luckily there's still a responsible adult in the house, Fiona, fresh from her recent Junior Cert triumph. Belated yay Fi for that, to ensure that myself and the brother get fed.
While there's nothing in her past to suggest patricidal tendencies, all poker players know it's best not to let your guard down. Now would be her perfect opportunity to poison me, for example.
Here's a picture of Fi so those of you better versed than I in spotting psycho tendencies can warn me if necessary.

On the poker front. I played 100 $50 SNGs on Ipoker since Thursday. My ROI dropped a bit towards the end but clocked in at a reasonable 12% not counting rakeback (15% counting).
Played some more sats for GUKPT and IWF, close but no cigar. Have qualified for another one on Thursday. If I don't get a ticket there I may give the Jackpot and/or Fitz sats a try.


have you ever used the internet before? posting pictures of your 15 year old daughter? lol

about ep, I dont really blame the festival so much, I just had a shit wknd myself, alto of people loved it!


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