Saturday, September 13, 2008


Played the Scalps last night for the first time in ages. No good, apart from the fact I got a couple of scalps for the first tie ever, which probably says something about how my game has changed since I used to play the game weekly. I came second in that tournament once without claiming a single scalp. Played the non-crapshoot part pretty well apart from one hand where I laid down the best hand to a small bet on the flop. I had pocket 9's, it's threeway, flop came with an A and a J, villain led out. Normally it's an easy fold but against this particular villain (I've played him previously only in the Clonsilla Inn) it was clearly a weak lead/probe so the fold was wimpy. Unfortunately I was crediting him with a jack (he plays almost any jack high hand for some reason best known to his good self) and he's also a total station so I had no confidence I could get him off a jack so I let it go. He had pocket 8's, which is exactly the type of hand that made calling at least one small bet mandatory against this particular villain.
Unfortunately just as we were getting into the pushbot crapshoot phase of the tournament, our table broke. It's always a serious disadvantage to be thrown onto a new table at this point, when you haven't had time to observe how tight or loose your opponent's are by default, or establish a rocky image that increases fold equity. My crippling hand was pretty standard: playing 10 8 suite on the button I flopped a combo flush/gutshot draw, got check raised all in by a tight shortie with top 2, and missed.
Was intending to play the Charity game in the Fitz today but couldn't fit it in because I had to do one of my last key distance sessions before Korea: three two hours runs, one morning, one afternoon, one evening. Legs feel a bit tired but otherwise it was surprisingly easy. I covered somewhere between 35-40 miles in total.
Online, I've started taking sngs seriously rather than as blowing off steam exercises, or trying out new ideas training sessions. I've played 33 $50 sngs in the last few days. So far I'm maintaining an ROI just under 25% (or just over 25% with rakeback) which is reasonable even if it won't make me rich. I obviously need a larger sample size to determine what my true edge at this level is. If it is 20% and I can get up to 10 an hour, then it becomes worth it timewise. A lot of ifs there, of course, and at the moment I'm only two or three tabling the sngs so my ROI might very well dip if I add more tables.
Also been playing some online cash which has been going all right. Only all right, meaning up not down but not much.
Also, just won a baby sat on PP giving me a ticket to Thursday's IWF sat. People play sats so bad in general. So very very bad.



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