Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mad dogs and Irishmen

Played the Limit shootout yesterday and exited 6th in the first round. I didn't play very well at all in the early stages, got a few marginal decisions wrong, which meant I was shortstacked when the blinds made it crappyshooty. Played that section well but then the strategy at that point - camp out till you get a hand you can push all the way - is pretty simple. Worked back up to almost starting stack but then had Aces cracked by 7's and that was that. After that, I ran back to the hotel (literally) and then ran about 45 mins more to make it an hour run. People were looking at me like I must be crazy to be running in 45 degree heat but actually it was quite pleasant. Did another 90 mins today but otherwise taking it easy till the Main Event kicks off tomorrow.


Best of luck in the Main Event Daragh, you know there are gyms over there with running machines. Running in that heat, your a lunatic.....

Apt title... Running in a 38C heat?!! LOL!

Good luck in the ME... go deep!

Thanks guys, fingers crossed


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