Sunday, September 11, 2022

Overdue catchup

 This blog started out as a Dear Diary I assumed nobody was reading. These days it seems to be going back to that, as the vast majority of my written content appears elsewhere at sites like VegasSlotsOnline, PokerStrategy or Cardschat. However, I'm not giving up completely on my own blog, so for now I'll use it for stuff like life updates that don't belong elsewhere.

No rest for the wacked

I've been extremely busy since Vegas and Barcelona. September is peak time online with all the series going on so I'm trying to get in as much volume before I head to Malta on the September 26 for the first live Unibet Open in over 2 years, after which I'll stay on for the Battle of Malta. After a week at home I head to London for the UKIPT, then it's back to Dublin for the IPO.

The fourth book

Barry and I have been working flat out to complete our fourth strategy book together. We have settled on a title that miraculously doesn't include the words "poker strategy", "GTO Poker Simplified". It's aimed primarily at recreational players who want GTO poker explained in concrete terms to them. There are already some excellent book out there on game theory and poker, most notably "Modern Poker Theory" by Michael Acevedo, and "Play Optimal Poker" (parts 1 and 2) by Andrew Brokos, so you might very well ask why we felt another one was needed.

The answer is that I have frequently recommended both books to students of mine who want to get a good grounding in GTO principles, but more often than not recreationals have come back with lots of questions, The goal of our book therefore is to answer those questions and more so as to provide readers with a good enough understanding of the topic that they'll then benefit greatly from reading Acevedo and Brokos.

Anyway, the book has now gone out to selected alpha readers for final feedback, and Saron is designing the cover. Once we get the feedback and decide what changes to make, the book will go for final edit. We are hoping to have it available on Amazon and the other usual places by November (December at the latest).

Barry tweeted looking for suggestions for the cover image and we got some interesting ones and some "interesting" ones. In the latter category, we definitely won't be using this one from MoreTBC.

Irish Poker Tour

I was greatly flattered and honoured recently to be appointed Live Strategy Coach for the hottest new grassroots tour, the Irish Poker Tour. I had already attended a number of stops and been impressed by the turnout, the atmosphere and the new faces the tour is attracting.

My role there involves writing strategy pieces aimed primarily at beginners (the first one on Position is up already) and producing some video content.


I am also delighted to announce I have signed a one year extension to my contract as an ambassador for Cardschat, the world's friendliest online poker forum. For those of you who don't know already, I regularly update my Ask Me Anything thread there.

Faraz Jaka coaching

I've started doing strategy webinars for Faraz Jaka's training site. So far I've done webinars on ICM, satellites, mystery bounties and multi-way pots. 

Other apparitions

Lappin and I are interviewed on the most recent episode of the excellent "Stealing The Blinds" podcast. I also did a couple of recent interviews which aren't out yet, including one for the BBC World Service morning show.

My own website!

Finally shelled out for my own domain. To keep up to date with all my content and other stuff, visit



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