Wednesday, May 2, 2012

GG downtime

"There goes what little remained of down time".

My words to Chris Dowling in Mullingar as we both played on our Iphones at the same time as playing the (live) monthly game in Jokers Casino there at the weekend. Chris was trying to become the first man to win the Sunday Million on an Iphone: I was content with just trying to win another Dublin UKIPT seat. I at least had the consolation of achieving my objective.

Jokers turned out to be a lovely spot with a great set of local characters, which served as some consolation as the so called pros (me and Chris) got our asses handed to us by the reigning All Ireland County poker champions. It kinda felt like we might have been hustled, as club owner Mark and his sidekick John crushed the final table. However, like all the best suckers for punishment, I'm pretty sure we'll be back for more at some point.

After that latest live foray, it was back to doing what I'm best at: clicking buttons. After every prolonged spell of live, I feel it takes me a while to get back into the swing and rhythm and metagame of online poker (Tony Dunst noted similar personal experience in The Raiser's Edge), but tonight everything clicked. Another Dublin UKIPT package, a number of other deep runs, and another win in the Night on French Stars. I got the chiplead in this with about 60 left and held it til a mishap with kings against sixes all in pre (six on the river) two tables out. I regained the chiplead on the final table with 6 left and never lost it again.

It was actually the great Chris Moorman I defeated headup (defeated is such a kinder word than "two outered"): something I didn't become aware of until after it was over. He's not called Moorman on French Stars.



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