Monday, February 22, 2010

Longford: not as long as hoped for

Well, my Longford CPT was one of those pretty uneventful tournaments where you never really get going before the crapshoot phase, and then you go out the first time your shove is called. It was my first CPT event since they came back under new management, and Liam and Fionn have done a great job getting it going again.

Since then it's mostly been my regular online grind of mtts on Bruce (highlight was a 4th in the 20K for $1500) and satellites on Stars (a number of crossbars: a 2nd, a third, a fourth and two fifths but no cigar, or rather package to report). For a bit of variety I've also been playing some headsup stts on Bruce which Wally told me were very soft: so far (admittedly based on a very small sample size) I'd have to agree.

My only live outing this week is probably going to be the Fitz end of month. I think the plan is to do another Irish poker radio show from there. Speaking of which, the latest show (show 35) featuring Dave Curtis is now available at Irish poker radio. It also includes a very good strategy piece from Rob Taylor on the new Full Tilt cashout tournaments.

Bruce have launched a new promotion whereby any new signups using the code DOKE10 to sign up and deposit get a free tournament token to take me on in a headsup sit n go on a Tuesday evening for a prize of $60.

Finally, I'd like to extend get well soon wishes to my IPR colleague Liz Mullally, currently in hospital in Tullamore.


hi Dara, just listened to latest podcast, good luck in berlin this week


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