Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Supporting act to the Gentleman and the Bling

My Stars/RTE heat has been confirmed as the first one being recorded on October 2nd. Apparently BigMickG and Liam Flood are also in the heat. Bit of a bad beat to be in with the best STT player in the land and the Legend that is Liam, but will be fun if nothing else. Nothing to lose etc. The other bad beat is we start recording at 9 in the morning, an hour that usually passes uneventfully in my life filed under "Comatose".

After my exit from WCOOP, I railed Nicky for a while as he delivered another brilliant performance without cards. One of these days, he's going to actually get cards and win one of these big yokes. Great show by Mark Reilly too obviously: brilliant score for one of the funniest and nicest guys around. Barney Boatman will be gutted.

Otherwise, it's been back to the grind. I've made a tactical retreat from the 45 mans on Tilt. I think my recent downswing there is mostly down to running horribly, but it's also undeniable that the standard has improved dramatically. I avail of Tilt's colour coded Notes schemes to code the good winning players as Red, the bad losing ones as Yellow, and everyone else a shade of blue or green. When I started playing the 45 mans, it tended to be one or two reds at a table and the rest all yellow: now it's at least half reds. Once that happens, it means the pros are just flipping for the dead money and hoping to stay ahead of the reg. You do have to prepared to move around in search of the value, so this week I've been concentrating on 6 and 9 mans on Ipoker, 9 and 45 mans on Poker Stars, and 9 mans on Tilt. Having busted all three accounts almost simultaneously last week, I've ground my way back into my comfort zone.


I'd say the pimp and Floody are trilled to have a soft touch like you in the heat.


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