Monday, September 14, 2009

Night of nearlies

Played three big MTTs.

WCOOP 27: Bought in late, lost half my stack almost straight away, got back up to double starting stack, crippled by AA v KK all in pre (K on turn), finished off by QT v Q6 all in pre. Grrrr.

Ipoker 1 million: Good steady start to 1.5 times starting stack, crippled by KK v AK (a on turn). Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

WCOOP 28: Got off to absolute flyer, up from 15K starting stack to 90K. Was chipleader for over half an hour until I lost 3 big hands in an orbit. First one, 99 v 77 (7 on turn, tonight's bogey street). Second one, against same guy, AK v AA on a K high flop. Third one, top 2 v bottom 2, he housed up on the river. That threw me back down to 25K around 3 AM. Real struggle after that treading water with a very awkward stack, card death and getting raises snapped off didn't help, but managed to nurse it home and into the money before exitting in 351st for $1700. Mixed feelings obviously: disappointed after being chipleader with 2000 left, but would have settled for it when short on the bubble. 6 Irish in top 100 as I write this, Nicky Power, Reilly, Derek Murray, and dudes from Celbridge, Omagh and Wicklow unknown to me. Gl to all coming back tomorrow, or rather today.



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