Thursday, April 2, 2009

Q822 = the nuts in PLO

Played the SE IO sat last night. Very high quality field, in fact, most of the best tourney players in Ireland seemed to be there. Great social event too, had good craic with Dagunman at my first table. Best LOL was hearing Bob Battersby explain to us that Q8 was a poxy holdem hand but a great PLO one "but only if you have a pair with it".

I started reasonably well and things got even better when I dogged Adam Fallon. Well, I say things got better but not really. I don't derive much pleasure from dogging people on the few occasions when I do pull it off and there's zero pleasure to be had from dogging a class player like Adam in my book. Hand was he raised in CO, I reraised AT from SB thinking it stood up pretty well against his late position rocks in the blinds raising range, but he actually had the jacks. Ace on flop had O'Shea remonstrating with me for upsetting Adam. Bit of banter with the lads too arising from the fact that myself and Paul Leckey were sat side by side, but Paul was the perfect gentleman he always is before the fourth bottle of wine.

Structure got crapshooty fast and by the final table I had 8 bigs. Average was only 10 (M less than 4), and with 5 tickets it effectively meant flipping at some point for a ticket. That point came fast when I picked up AK first hand and shipped it into jacks. Lost the race and that was that. The joys of flipping for €3500. Still, positive was I think I played a lot better than I have in a while live, probably since I chopped Malahide monthly last month. Hopefully I'm hitting form at the right time.

Still grinding away online, had my best online day in a while on Monday (up $1500). Mainly playing STTs still. Played my first ever $75 45 man STT on Fult Tilt just now and won it, making today another $1K+ day. Had a decent March, up almost €3k live and $10K online.

Plan for rest of week is more online grinding, and Mullingar on Friday. I qualified for a WSOP sat on Ipoker on Sunday so fingers crossed for that.

Back running again after recent illness. I was a late injury replacement callup for the Irish team for Saturday's 100K in Galway but had to drop out due to illness. Well done to the Irish men's team who took third, and to Helena Crossan who won the women's race. Tomorrow, I have to do three long runs in one days (ughski) so I guess I should get a (relativel) early night.



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