Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, not quite, but in the wake of the collapse of Anglo Irish with attendant hit to my personal liquidity, I am having to take a more measured and responsible approach to bankroll management and in particular major buyin live tournaments. So much as it pains me to even contemplate having to share any hard won (or luckboxed) major scores, I've started the selling process by letting my friend Al have 5% of me in the Irish Open. I've been offered a grand for a further 20% of me by an English player which I'll also have to consider. I guess once you start considering poker as your livelihood/main source of income, bankroll management is something everyone has to pay attention to. I just prefer the days when I could enter any tournament blissfully unconcerned about the buyin.

I'm also contemplating making my EPT debut in San Remo. I have two offers of 750 Euro for 10% which I think is particularly decent given my lack of EPT pedigree. If I do decide to go, I'll almost certainly take up those offers, and maybe try to hawk another few percents to bring the whole thing within my comfort zone. And I'm definitely going to be selling percentages of me in the WSOP this year. Anyone interested in taking a percentage of me as their horsey in San Remo can contact me at daraokearney@gmail.com. It's €40 for half a percent or €75 for one percent (or miltiples thereof).

Played my third Boards HU match, and got pwned 2-0 by Andrew Grimasson. First one was a good tussle that toed and froed until the blinds made a flip inevitable at some point, and I flipped badly on this occasion. Second one was short and brutal and coolerish (second nuts into nuts). Andrew played extremely well and posed me massive problems throughout and thoroughly deserved the victory.

Belated report: in the Bad Beat team live final in Birmingham a couple of weekends ago, I got off to a great start and was third in chips at the break. With half the field gone, things were looking good for our team as we were all still in and I was in the top 10 on chips but then it all went wrong. First we lost Dave Masters to a horrible suckout, then his Da Ray, then team captain Steve. I decided it was time to make a move but my timing was off and I ended up crippling myself and eventually went out in 29th.


Those EPTs stakes look like a brilliant offer; clever strategy too I notice you tend to go deep playing 1st time in new circuits... Especially deepstack tournaments.

If I had the cash... I'd buy some % like a shot! 'fraid I'll just have to settle for n each way bet on you to get to IO final table! At 250/1 on PP - IMO you are the BEST value odds there!

Thanks Queenj: I'll do my best to give your bet a run for your money!


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