Thursday, January 29, 2009


In some ways, positive variance is as alarming as negative variance, but at the moment it seems I can't put a foot wrong in tournaments.

Played my first GUKPT satellite of 2009 and ended up not just winning it but with about half the chips in play. 53 runners, 4 tickets, and thrilled to qualify at first attempt this year. My record in these is pretty good: I think I've played about 6, and won 4 packages.

Fran was on my table for a while and hung around to offer moral support and more so I owe him a pint or three. Fran's a real satellite specialist too: unlike most players he understands the different strategy that comes into play as opposed to a regular tournament. He'd already won his GUKPT package a while ago.

Some of the final table play was laughably atrocious. One guy managed to donk away the second biggest stack at the start with genius plays like raising utg with 55 and shipping the Queen high fiveless flop. I guess he was "playing for the win" (that's what you usually hear when someone does something retardedly aggressive late on in a tournament).

So that's pretty much it, pure boast entry.



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