Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Your turn or mine, Rob?

Played Malahide tonight and had a real rollercoaster. Managed to lose half my stack first hand with a set against a rivered gutshot, get it back next hand, lose it again gradually, only to win a race to double back up to starting stack after the break. Never looked back until 5 handed my QQ got dogged by AQ. That left me crippled with just over 2 BBs. Amazingly, my first shove got through! Then the Clamper effectively shoved 88 into my JJ in the big blind and I doubled up, and shortly afterwards the guy who had dogged my ladies pot committed himself with AJ against my AA and in three hands I'd moved from a ghost to chipleader. Never looked back after that, had a 2 to 1 chiplead by the time I got headsup with The Clamper, and the headsup battle lasted all of 4 hands when he shoved 54s, I looked down at a J and decided I was calling if the second card was higher than a 9. It was: another jack!
Rob got a stack early on but then got very unlucky when he reraised with JJ and got called by KQ and lost the race, and coolered when a rivered house turned out to be up against a slowplayed higher house. Rob's friend Alan did really well and was unlucky to exit in 4th losing a race against me.
On the drive home, we worked out that when we (Rob and I) have played a tournament in Malahide, one of us has ended up winning it more than half the time. So fair to say it's been a happy hunting ground.
Next up is Killarney: heading down for the supersat on Thursday. May head to Clonmel on Sunday: still a bit undecided.
On the running front, I seem to be regaining both my fitness and my enthusiasm: my last few speed sessions have been my best in about 18 months.


Comhghairdeas arís Dara,

No wonder the Westbury is your favourite card club! Be warned, I'll be back for the 270 in a few weeks. I don't really mind whether it's with yourself or Rob that I chop it with!

Ádh Mór i gCill Airne.

Nice one! Typical the one weekend yourself and Rob (plus the other Sharks) are out of town that just about makes it safe for the rest of us mere mortals to play - I happen to be off to London... Need to plan my trips better(!) Will try and check out the Westbury soon!

PS What happened to my 2%?!! :-D

Thanks Joe, heard you got a nice score in the Fitz. Always a pleasure to see you, even if it's minus EV.

Also thanks Queeny: Westbury really is a great place to play.

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