Sunday, November 30, 2008

Small sad entry

In the interesting of not turning this into another long whine, I'll keep my Fitz Winter Fest report short.

Played three of the one table STTs, including a one hand blind Omaha one, with no joy. In one, I lost a crucial race 4 handed, 8's v AK, the ace rivering a wheel, effectively for the ticket (I'd have had over 80% of the chips). In the blind Omaha, I actually chose the winning seat when we all sat down, but it was decided we'd draw for seats, and I didn't draw the winning seat.

In the ME, I took a big hit early to Donal Norton when we both flopped a set, but was lucky the ultimate scare card hit the river so I got away with losing less than half my stack. Recovered from that early setback and worked up to about 30K before losing another race, blind on blind, against Kevin Fitz. He has the two overs and rivered an ace.

Had worked back up to about 26K when I got it all in preflop with aces against ace king. When I saw his hand, I actually said the dreaded words "I've lost the last two of these". King on the flop, another on the river, and I was effectively crippled. Went out shoving a medium ace on the button into a bigger one in the BB. Another kick in the guts but running bad for a prolonged period is probably part of the learning curve. As I said before, I feel like I've been running bad since May when I lost with AK v AQ aipf on the final table on JP's Irish Masters. But that's maybe taking too small a view of luck, purely in terms of losing key big hands with the bigger hand.

Good luck to all left in, especially Ozzie with whom I swapped a percentage. He played brilliantly as ever yesterday.



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