Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fitz EOM: I play sooo bad, no, wait, maybe not

Played the Fitz EOM on Thursday and had my earliest ever exit despite virtually doubling up early on. I then doubled down when I ran trip aces into a house, then lost a few more pots to be drifting towards short, and finally went out calling an allin on with 87 on a 7 high board. So I came out feeling it was maybe probably almost certainly the worst poker I ever played. People at the table were calling my exit hand the worst call ever, but given the villain and the presence of both flush and straight draws I had to think there was at least a 50% chance he was drawing, and even if he had the well disguised overpair (which he had: limped aces) I had 5 outs twice. That adds up to about 40% equity on the call, way more than I needed (was getting over 2 to 1).

I felt it was the right call, and did take my time over it rather than snap petulant call, but my confidence is a bit shaken as I'm running so bad at the moment both on and offline that I had to wonder if my game was bad right now too. I went through all the big hands with my usual mentors and peers afterwards, and apart from one pointless (but relatively minor) turn bet, it seems like I played all the hands correctly. That's not to say I played well though: I made the strategic mistake of playing too many hands. Every so often I whip out my Plan B, Hyper LAG game, but experience suggests I'm either doing it wrong (which I think I am in part: not that I misplay hands but that I fail to adjust to my table image being very different from my normal one) or it's fundamentally not a good strategy in Irish tournaments (which is true in part too, I think).

Playing the Fitz WinterFest today and hoping to run a bit better. Let's all cheer for the guy moaning about running bad in a year when he's won the European Deepstack, FTed half a dozen other events, and second last tabled two GUKPTs, yeah!

No joy for Rob or Nicky unfortunately in London. Rob was texting me updates all day. Nothing seems to have gone his way but he did everything he could in the circumstances to last until near the end of play. That's all you can do, and Rob can always be counted on to do it.

I've been stunned by the number of nominations this blog has been getting for a Boardsie, considering it started out as a vent spot for bad beats and moans in general not meant for public consumption, and has never really progressed past self indulgent twaddle content, and long winded self indulgent twaddle at that. What's wrong with you all? Seriously.

More seriously, I am of course thrilled as much as surprised that quite a few people seem to enjoy my dribblings. As ever, the warmth and interest of others is both welcome and surprising. But for God's sake cop yerselves on and vote for Willie Yuletired or El Stuntman or Rounders's blog when the voting begins.



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