Saturday, November 1, 2008

Scary hands, scary shots

Played the Fitz EOM. Got off to a great start, early rush of cards, up to 11K from 7500 starting. After that, I barely won a pot.

One amusing hand pretty much summed up the night. A guy who was limping almost every pot linped utg. I raised with AQ utg+1. BB who didn't seem to have a fold pre button also called. Flop came K64, checked to me, so I cbet. They both call so now I'm pretty much done with the hand. 8 on the turn, checked around. 2 on the river, BB bets biggish, other guy calls, I fold. BB has A2o, other guy J8o.

Later on, same guy who was BB in that hand limped from mid position, I raise with QQ, he calls. Flop AAK, he checks, I check behind figuring I'm only getting called by an A or a K here and if he's behind he has very little chance of catching up. 6 on the turn, check check. 3 on the river bringing third diamond to the board, he bets half pot, I call, and he announces flush and turns over 74.

My exit hand was a KK shove into AT, A first card out. I think the last 5 times I've shoved KK I've been sucked out on (including my exit hand at the WSOP main event), maybe I need to take it off my list of hands worth shoving with.

Stuck around for a while to watch Rob (who got gayed, set over set) after playing really well, and to chat with John O'Shea, who is a very interesting guy to chat too, very likeable.

Playing the SE tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I got some photos from Korea courtesy of Eddie Gallen.

First, having a few drinks with our best friends, the Spanish, a couple of days before the race...



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