Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doke the donk donk donk

This blog entry will change your life.

No, sorry, it won't, it's just the recording of some random stuff I want to record at this point.

Played a satellite for the Grosvenor Pot Limit thing in Walsall on Tuesday and ended up at the final table with Rob and Cat. Unfortunately, none of us managed to snag one of the three tickets on offer. My exit hand was beyond doubt the worst hand I've ever played. I'm too embarrassed to go into the details but let's just say I should have folded pre, bet the flop, folded the turn but instead I called, checked looking to raise, and made a pot committing call.

Also played a sat I'd qualified for GUKPT Grand final but never really got going.

Played the Irish Eyes sat for the Fitz winter festival last night and yoyoed up and down to short stack and back before going out.

Only good news on the sat from is I qualified for Sunday IO weekly final on Sunday.

Other than that, mainly been just grinding the online double up STTs. Finished my first batch of 50 $100s on Bruce and hit exactly the 60% number I normally get for a net profit of $800 incl. rb. Some mad variance within the batch though: after an amazing start (9 of the first 10), I hit a patch where I won only 5 of the next 18 (including 6 losses in a row) followed by a purple patch of 11 wins in a row (and 15 out of 16) before ended with 1 from 6 (losing the last 4). The plan now is to do another 50 to prove to myself I have an edge of 15% and then move up to the 200s.

Still playing them on Green Joker at the moment too and also running at exactly 60% (which translates to an ROI of about 15% with rakeback). I've also started playing low stakes super turbo HU STTs, both to improve my headsup in pushfest situations, and to see if I can develop a substantial enough edge to make it a worthwhile pursuit at higher levels. At the moment I'm not beating them by much: ROI of only 4% or so, but they're over so fast (typically in 2-5 minutes) that if I could maintain even a small edge at higher stakes it could translate into a decent hourly rate. Given that they're very bingoey, it may not be possible to have much more of an edge anyway.

On the running front, I feel ready to resume light training again so might go for a run tomorrow.

I'm currently doing a so called "well" on Boards so if there's any question you ever wanted to ask me like "Why are you such an arrogant ass?" (Don't know, think I was probably born that way) or "Do you agree that you're the biggest luckbox alive?" (Not sure. I'm a luckbox but there are bigger ones around I reckon), pop along to Doke is in the well.



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