Monday, October 13, 2008

Rounding up

Poker: played the Betdaq super satellite Friday night and was out late on day 1 in 14th. Never go many cards or big hands but kept afloat until I lost my stack in a sequence of four hands.

Hand 1: Kevin Farrelly reraises a rock all in with A7s, finds himself facing K's, and doesn't suck out, leaving him apparently crippled.

Hand 2: Folded to Kevin on button, he shoves, I'm BB with A8s, and after a long dwell I fold. It's over half my stack, but that's no excuse, it should be a pretty easy call as I think his range is quite close to any 2. Even if his range is tighter, like any ace, any pair, any two picture cards, I'm still 50% against that range getting 6 to 4, so it's a call. I hate making these calls with medium aces or low pairs but I have to start making them as it's a major leak in my game.

Hand 3: Folded to Kevin in cutoff, he shoves, I have A10s which is a much easier call (57% against his tightest likely shoving range). He has 3's and hits trips. I pick up a flush draw on the turn but miss. Now I'm crippled.

Hand 4: Troy raises utg, rock reraises, I have 10's on the button and can't afford to wait around and be anted out so I shove and they both call. Flop is K high, Troy shoves KQ, rock has aces, I miss, thank you and good night.

Saturday went in primarily to watch/support Cat who had delivered another top notch performance to final table. Myself and Rob had high hopes she'd get a ticket but despite playing brilliantly she bubbled in sickening fashion, shoving an ace from the SB into Troy's KK. Brilliant performance by the Girl Wonder of Irish poker though and it's only a matter of time before she gets a really big result. To underline her resilience, she marched straight over to the cash tables and played brilliantly there too. Meanwhile Rob and I had busted out of side event (ran AQ into Vera's QQ when short) and I spewed about 100 euro in the cash. Very few hands, and played two I did get quite awfully. I always tell myself not to play cash when deflated after a tournament so why do I do it?

Sunday played the IWF sat in the Fitz. Early highlight was Bob Battersby's exit hand. I raised his BB from cutoff with 6's. He called (never seen him fold a blind). Flop KQ6. Bob checks and since he always bets any pair or draw I'm pretty sure he's missed completely. Since he knows I'm a rock, he'll fold if I bet so I check instead. Turn's an 8 and he perks up, like he wants to bet but thinks better of it, so I think the 8 has hit him. Although he probably will call a bet here, I decide to show weakness and check again. River's an 8, Bob bets pot, I reraise by 3, Bob instashoves. Against a lot of players I don't like my 6's so much any more but against Bob it's a snap call and sure enough, he just have 85o.

Got up to 35K early therefore when average was 10K and was looking good, but lost a few races and then after making a great call with 3rd pair on turn got sucked out on river to a gutshot.

That left me short again but I worked back up to 40K when we got 5 handed. 2 tickets, and we'd just agreed to split 750 cash equally between 3rd, 4th and 5th, when the SB min raised me, I called with J10, he led at 1063 two clubs flop, any raise pot commits me so I shove, he instacalls so I know I've been trapped by an overpair. Not quite: 63o. LOL.

This morning I went to my sports physio/chiro for realignment and deep stretching. He says I'm better aligned and more flexible than ever. He actually managed to double me over, ankles behind neck, something I'd never have imagined possible when I started going to him and couldn't get past 90 degrees.

Flying out to Seoul tomorrow. Did my last speed session Saturday and longish run Sunday. Last run of any note tomorrow before flying out. Looking forward to meeting the lads again. The other two on the team this time are Thomas Maguire and Eddie Gallen. Thomas is the national 100K holder and highest ever Irish finisher at a major ultra world champs (6th at World 100Ks two years ago, also in Seoul), as well as winner of gruelling ultras in Africa (Namibia) and the North Pole. This is Thomas' first attempt at 24 hours and if he gets the distance he's a genuine medal contender.

Eddie's the most experienced 24 hour runner we have. Based in Spain, he's been operating at the top level there for over a decade and elevated himself to international class with a brilliant 13th at the European track championships last year.

I'm running a "Guess how far I run" contest at which I'll be closing up some time tonight probably. Prize is 2% of me in my next major event. I initially thought the ultra running would just be a source of amusement/slagging at the poker table but the poker fraternity has surprised me by showing a lot of interest and support, so this is my small way of giving something back.


You are not the only one that bombs at the cash table after getting knocked out of tournaments... *sigh* Some day I will figure out a way to walk straight out without putting a penny on the cash tables!

Good luck in Seoul! You sound in top form fcor this... Will be keeping an eye out for updates! RUN GOOD!

Thanks queenj, will try to post updates despite the burning eyes.


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