Friday, October 10, 2008

Mad props

I'm not really one for prop bets, which makes it all the more surprising that just over 5 months ago, at the end of April, I allowed myself to be goaded into a substantial one at ridiculous odds. Another player insisted that I wouldn't get another Hendon Mob database result within the next 6 months. I countered with the frankly ridiculous assertion that if I really put my mind to it, I could not only get a result in the next 6 months, but in each of the next 6 months. Challenged to put my money where my mouth was at the "generous" odds of 10 to 1, I wagered a whole grand.

Madness. Stupidity. But rewarded.

May was a doddle: I got my result early and in fact ended the month with three that made their way into poker's most famous DB.

June was more of a struggle but a second last table appearance in Tramore did the trick.

I expected July to be easy given the number of qualifying event I played in Vegas, but none of my cashes over there made the base des donneees. It was there an awful sweat that came down to one final possibility a few days before the month end in JP's mini festival main event in Blinkers. And it could hardly have started worse with me donking away 75% of my stack very first hand. However, I recovered to final table and another DB entry.

August was a doddle: I got my result at the main event of the GUKPT Luton and could relax for the month.

September was no problem either with a FT in the Fitz IPT on the first weekend allowing me to relax for the month. October had the potential to be sticky given the missing chunk in the middle for my race in Korea, but a cash in the €300 event in Killarney did the trick and sealed the deal.

Anyone want to give me 100 to 1 on keeping the run going for another 6 months?

In other news, played the Betdaq sat tonight in the SE with no joy. Never really got going before the pushfest, and that ended rather abruptly when I pushed 10's into Aces. Still planning to play tomorrow though.

Finally, my father Sean Ua Carnaigh has published another two books in Irish: "An Goban Saor", and "Misteir Lios an Chatha", both published by An Gum.


Hi Dara, just found your blog. n1
Joe here(chop in westbury Tue.)
Ní raibh fhios agam gur Gaeilgeoir cáiliúil d'athair.
Ádh Mór ort.

Go raibh maith agat, Joe.

Nice job on the fadas too, better than me.


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