Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Position, nine tents on the lawn apparently

My beloved is back for which I'm greatly thrilled, and not just for the cooking. It's a bit pathetic at our age but we really pine for each other when we're apart.

Ok, poker stuff. Finished another batch of 100 $50 SNGs with exactly the same result as the first batch, so that's fine. Now into the third batch and a bit behind but hopefully that would just be variance.

Played a $14 sat for the PP IWF on Thursday last night and ended up headsup with Mellor. Told him at the start of the headsup I thought it would come to this, which is a little big headed perhaps, but there ya go. Not to say there weren't some other decent players involved. Some funny banter too, primarily with a guy who decided to lecture me on "position" (new one on me!) after he reraised my UTG raise from UTG+2 with A5o and hit his ace, and another guy who seemed to take the hump when he check raised me on the flop (new one on me too, this check raising mullarkey) and I shoved in my confusion. Online banter's a tricky one to judge at the best of times: anything you say can and will be misinterpreted. Anyway, headsup with Mellor was great fun/challenge, he played brilliantly but I sucked out on him in the end as you do.

Playing a satellite tonight and the first BCOOP tnight which should be heap much laugh.

Running is better. Went out today in new shoes to break them in for Korea and felt like a new man. Planning to run a half marathon on Sunday as a training session.


I wouldn't say I played brilliantly, a few mis placed bluffs.
Or maybe i'm a tell box.
Either way, the chiplead went 2-1 twice to each of us. So we were both in it, was happy to get it in the way i did, and not at all unhappy not to hit.
Best of luck in the final (its on about now)


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