Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moving on up and big upping the bro

This is going to be a not even thinly disguised brag entry but there ya go. I've moved up to the $100 SNGs and so far so good. Small sample (28) but at the moment I'm up over $800 counting RB for an ROI of almost 30% and an average profit per SNG of almost $30. Clearly that's not sustainable but it's better to get off to a good start than a bad one. I've implemented new tilt control procedures where as soon as I feel the urge to type something abusive into the chatbox after an exit, I stop playing instead. Reviewing my records, I noticed streaks of non-cashes which I was putting down exclusively to variance but I think it may actually be good policy to just stop after an annoying loss and take a break. I'm hoping that might lead to even better results than the past 2 weeks. I used to think I was almost tiltproof but maybe not.

So, in 2 weeks, I've played (or at least kept records of, I think I missed a few background ones I played when focusing on sats) a total of 280 STT SNGs (3 $30's, 249 $50's, 28 $100s) for a total profit before rakeback of just under $2000. Including rakeback brings it up to almost $2500. So in terms of having something I can use to grind up some money playing 4-5 hours a day, SNGs are looking promising.

Once I've got a larger sample of the $100s, I'll consider moving up to the $200s. Amazingly, I see the same bad players signing up for them as at the lower levels. There are some guys who seem to play 14-16 hours a day, 5-10 at the same times, and they're big losing players. How do they sustain it? You have to assume there's some sort of addiction involved, which is sad when you think of it, and makes me feel like a bit of a douchebag for boasting about how I'm winning. Some of these guys are down $30K or more.

Was intending to play Fitz EOM tonight but can't since I qualified for the IWF thing on PP so tonight is satellite night. Might play scalps tomorrow instead.

I've got the brother playing SNGs too and he's just sick good, way better than me (albeit over much smaller sample/variance, and also he's not ventured up past $30 yet). His graph is just unreal, up, up and up, and his ROI is sicker, 55%. His problem is he doesn't have the stamina to play as much or as long as I do, and the bad beats affect him so adversely that he's pretty much done for the day as soon as one happens. But I firmly believe that when he's at the top of his game, there are very few better tournament players in Ireland, if any.

He still hasn't recovered from Vegas either fiscally or (I think) emotionally, so he hasn't played live since. But if he keeps going well online, he may not need to play live to get a roll together for Vegas next year. I'm hoping he does start playing live again though, because we complement each other very well. We have the same basic outlook, but slightly different approaches to the game, and his strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. As such our conversations about the game are always mutually educational. He's even picking up live tells these days (he used to believe they didn't even exist) and I've a better understanding of optimal lines and stack strategies.

He's still a Godawful cash player though. But at least he knows it.


Thanks Dara your blog is always a good read.Great to see good analysis and thought process to go with the brag/beat posts.


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