Friday, September 26, 2008

Like a virgin...or at least a tight nervous distracted novice

No joy in the sats last night. Was going great guns, chipleader in fact, in the IWF thing when I managed to donk away most of my stack on a bluff to the eventual winner. I was representing a flopped or rivered straight into a set. Didn't think he was that strong because he just calld on every street which I didn't think he'd do with so many draws. So, yeah, bluffing, bad bad bad, must not do it again. Seriously though, I'm always preaching that in Ireland specifically, bluffing is -EV, and calling if you beat a bluff is +EV. So why wasn't I listening to myself?

Never got going in GUKPT satellite when an English donk called an all in on the flop with one over and a gutshot. I had top set. Gutshot, river, standard.

Final tabled the Grosvenor Pot Limit sat and would probably have got a ticket if my queens had held up against A2o aipf in my exit hand. Only 6 left at that point and 4 tickets. I was the shortie but if I win that I cripple him and think I take it from there Jose.

Was annoyed with myself though, because at one point in that tournament I was shortish, had queens on the button, but timed out before I realised it because I was trying to figure out what to do in the BCOOP Stud Hi/Lo. I really shouldn't have played that, -EV in so many different ways, but good fun nevertheless. I spent about 2 minutes speedreading Sklansky's section in Super System and devised the basic strategy of always shooting for Lo and looking for spots where I could scoop the whole pot. Still had no great notion what was going on most of the time but still ended up 6th. Hurray for the tight nervous distracted novice game.

SNGs still going well.

Scalps tonight.


Stop putting yourself down! You run better than me - both on the tables and off! LOL!

Hope to see you on Sunday?!! ;-D

Thanks queen, but definitely not better than you!

I'll really try to make it to Molloys on Sunday - should be a great game and JP's a brilliant TD.


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