Wednesday, January 5, 2022

My 2021 WSOP campaign

Vegas blogs

I realise I didn't write a blog covering my Vegas career here, for the simple reason that I wrote three from GambleOnline and also covered mot of the stories of my Vegas this year in various podcasts.

For posterity though, I'm going to do an umbrella blog bringing them all under one roof:

  • My first GambleOnline blog on Vegas covered my latest WSOP final table and some general WSOP thoughts
  • My second one went into details on the two most surprising rulings I was on the receiving end of in Vegas
  • My third and final blog covered my latest WSOP final table and some final thoughts on the Rio as the WSOP moves on from there to Bally's and Paris next year.

Lock In episodes

We recorded a couple of Lock In Vegas special episodes:

  • The first was recorded both just before and just after our trip over to Vegas
  • The second was recorded at the end of the series and covered the biggest stories and we broke down the two biggest hands from the main event final table

Other podcasts

I also recorded a couple of other podcasts:

Finnish Poker documentary

I was honoured to be included in the wonderful Finnish poker documentary series "Last Call". My episode has just been released (it was recorded just before Vegas) and in it I give my general advice and approach for tournaments.



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