Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lappin it up in the Maldron

I'd been looking forward to JP's mini WSOP as something different on the calendar and while the numbers were probably disappointing for JP and all involved, that was the only disappointing aspect of another great JP festival.

I made a decent start in the 6 handed but ultimately went out near the bubble when my AK couldn't hold against Stewie Samuels AJ. While I was there, Big Iain recorded this interview with me talking about the festival:

The following day I was back for the main event. Tough table and card death meant I was happy enough to get out of the day with just over starting stack. I hung around for much of day 2 with a similar stack, then started to chip up until I finally caught a hand. I took a risk slow playing a set in a three way pot and reaped the reward of a full triple up to move to over 200k. I continued to chip up til I lost a big race, and then shortly after the bubble I lost most of my stack with a rivered flush against a rivered house. Another lost race eventually saw me bust in 28th for a min cash (I also chopped the Irish Poker Boards Last Longer).

The following day I played the 8 game. The most interesting hand was against Kevin Fitzpatrick in 2 to 7 Triple Draw and it ended rather bizarrely with me mucking my queen high hand after Kevin declared his hand as ten high. When the dealer spread his cards out popped an ace so he had misdeclared his hand, but because I'd already mucked he was still awarded the pot. My mistake I guess for mucking without seeing all his cards. I never really recovered from this and didn't trouble the scorers.

I also did some livestream commentary with David Lappin and Iain Cheyne on the main event final table which you can listen to here. Some great insights from Mr. Lappin and I hope we'll get to share the mic together again some time.

I've been falling a bit behind on the blog front of late. Last week I played the EMOP grand final in Riga in the company of a great bunch of Irish lads. Full trip report with sordid details following shortly on that one.



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