Monday, November 30, 2009

Fish and ships

Ah yes, that old familiar "Why do I bother with live poker" feeling is back after a few days in the Fitz.

Main event: one of those frustrating tourneys where you play very well for over a day only to lose a race near the bubble. It fell to James "Hawkeye" McManus to take me out by the roots. I raised to 4K at 800/1500 with AKs, he made it 11K on the button, I shipped for over 40K and after some thught he announced "I'm pretty sure we're racing" and called with 7s. My Las Vegas stripper of a hand (looks great, but ultimately gets you nothing but trouble) was no match for his sturdy pocket pair.

Jumped straight into the PLO, played well again but ultimately no avail. My exit (in 7th) was AA87 doublesuited, no match for Paul Fish (for once actually sitting at a final table rather than lurking around in the background waiting to tap the winner) with his QJT2 rainbow, all in pre.

Ah well, back on the horse I guess.


I would Probably take down the Fish comment, he get's very cross about people posting stuff on the web about him.... you wouldn't like him when he's cross

fuck it smurph. Freedom of speech and all that. Fish is the first person in to be a dick and say what he thinks.

Hate people that sit on the fence just to avoid rocking the boat. Say what you mean and stick by it.

Probably right Rory,
anyway im hardly the one to talk, I got into enough sh*t about a comment before on boards, so I can't really be preaching.

I appreciate the advice Smurph, I know it comes from a good place but as Rory says Fish is not one to hold back when it comes to saying what he thinks so I see no reason to either.

fair enough,
ya curly haired git,
and as for Rory, the worm crushing marble talking......

ive said too much

Hey Dara, love yer work LOL
that fish fellow brings out the Van Helsing in me.

Rory Brown , upside down, picking up the coppers off the floor.


Dara, I like the no more Mr Nice Guy flavour of the blog. Ní Binn Béal ina Thost!
Ps Hope I don't outdraw you next Tue. In Malahide!

Thanks Wilberforce.

Yeah Joe, having a bit of fun with persona modification at the moment. Picking my targets though: wouldn't do it to someone I respect like your good self.

i advise you to take down your comment darragh...i wont ask again. speaking your opinion is one thing, printing it is another.

fuck it darragh leave it up, i'll see you in person u fuckin prick

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