Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy birthday Vera

Near miss in last night's Paddy sat for the IWF. Down to 5, 1 $4K package and two $1800 consolation prizes (really wish they'd spread those out more, one giant stack, two medium, me shortish, other guy very short. I called a ship from him with TT, he had 66 and spiked a 6 on the river. Pushed my way back into contention until it was him short again. I was fourth in chips marginally behind third but the blinds and antes were so massive my M was a mere six, so almost any king in the small blind was an autoship. Unfortunately the big blind, the guy who barely covered me, woke up with 99 and I didn't suck out. That's poker.

Playing Vera's birthday bash tonight, always a great occasion with the First Lady of Irish poker, and then the team event on Friday.

Also, there's a new Irish ultrarunners website which includes a summary of my running career (to date: they seem to be sticking a fork in it but I'm not convinced I'm done yet).



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