Friday, March 6, 2009

Get in my son

Or something like that. My celebratory macho posturings are a bit rusty to say the least.

But anyway, tonight the long search for an IO ticket on Paddy Power came to a successful end. Having qualified through last night's feeder, I got off to a flyer, was chipleader early, then short two tables out, before two timely doubleups restored the chiplead and after that it was a fairly easy passage. Easy when you get Aces 17 times in 2 orbits.

High quality field including John Eames at my table early on.

Apart from that, Malahide as usual on Tuesday. No good in the tournament, never got going, and managed to do three buyins in the cash. First one leaked away, second one came a cropper against the ever entertaining Sligo John (KK v T5s, 90% in pre), third one went with the same hand against GJP's Brian's AK. A trip to the cash machine for an infusion allowed me to win about half of it back. Oh, and Rob won the tournament, as he usually does.

In other news, I've been selected to represent Ireland in this year's World 24 Hour championships in Bergamo in May. Which means I need to buckle down to some serious training. Last week was a disaster on that front. I picked up a cold in Walsall so sat on my lazy fat behind for most of the week.


Congrats on the IO ticket Dara and on the selection for Ireland (again).

Well done sir,
absolutely brillant stuff.

yepee yahoo, in a typically girlie fisty type of way.

you need to use the baby picture I have on my blog......

Comhghairdeas Dara,
Nice to get the IO ticket.


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