Monday, February 16, 2009

The bestest boy......

Was grinding away STTs last night when Rob blithely informed me I had a silver star on my Sharkscope next to my Green Joker poker username. Investigation revealed the reason for the star is I'm on the leaderboard for the 20 biggest winners on Ipoker this year under that name. Marty Smyth is just above me, and further up are Johnny Lodden and Rob himself. I feel like I did when I was a little kid and the teacher put one of those silver stars next to my name on a chart: worthless in itself, but nevertheless satisfying as a recognition of something or other. I've been a bit more methodical in my approach to online recently.
No joy in the online sats last week: a few close but no cigars. Will be trying again next weekend. I qualified for both Thursday and Sunday's IO sat on Paddy Power tonight.
I will get around to writing a full report on Deepstack 2. For now, the week looks like Malahide monthly tomorrow, maybe Fitz scalps on Friday (played it last week: never got going much past starting stack but still made second final table before busting out shoving KQ soted into AJ), and the Fitz cash league final on Saturday. All the while grinding away online.


Congrats on the Star. You seem to be in good company on the leaderboard!

I wish they had Stars dfor being a bit of a STT donkey as I would probably have a gold one!!

Thanks Pud. After my worst ever day online though, I lost my star :(


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