Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Winding down

Just been playing small tournaments this week as my first Vegas trip winds down. Chopped one yesterday morning and followed it up with a second place in the afternoon, so at least the trip is ending on a bit of an upswing with 4 cashes in 3 days. In terms of cashes to tourneys ratio, I've done pretty well on the trip with a total of 6 cashes, but unfortunately from a financial point of view they came in the wrong tournaments. Also been staking the brother and he's been running even worse than me. Should probably be playing more cash as I win every session, games are really soft, but I find cash too much of a grind. Last full day today so plan is just to play a few more small tourneys. Looking forward to getting home to be honest. I've learned a lot on this trip, more on that when I have more time to reflect at home.



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