Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hell contined

I'm an optimist by nature but as suckout follows suckout I may need to rethink. Venetian Deepstack early on yesterday started great with an early double up when I hit a flush and one of the blinds decided his bottom 2 pair simply must be good. Then tried a move with a flush draw and overs on a Q high board, was priced in to call his allin reraise (with QJ, which is rubbish if you ask me since I could just as easily have had KQ, AQ, a set etc. etc.), missed everything and was short. Recovered to go deep into the last 100 but ran out of cards on the bubble and got caught pushing ace rag from le bouton. Ho hum. Today was even sadder. I played one early pot against Julian Thew quite badly when he sucked out on me (not the bad part: rather paying him off), then a few more suckouts and I'm down to half starting stack. Then I 5 bet with Jacks in the button and the SB and 4 limpers all call! Flop is 346 with 2 spades, original limper bets half pot, I think for an age before deciding his most likely holding is a draw or a pair between 6 and J, so I push. He instacalls with 7's and hits a 7 on the river. Gay. Managed a few small winning cash sessions meantimes. I'd be much better off if I'd stuck to cash on this trip but can't quite bring myself to do it.



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