Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Day 2 report, sadly not a long one.

Worked my way up to 11.5K, then took a hit with pocket 6's in the BB. I raised when the SB flatcalled, flop came 972 all spades, I continuation bet to see if my 6's were good, he stayed in, and I have to muck when a 4th spade arrives and he bets the turn.

Card death and lack of good situations saw me drift back to 5.5K when I get it all in preflop with Kings, called by 5's in the SB. First card out is a 5 and that's all she wrote. One thing I've learned on this trip is that American recreational players love their pocket pairs and will call anything with any pair, which is part of the reason why I pushed (looking for loose call).

Anyway, hanging around for another week or so so hoping to pick up a decent cash or two. Good luck to Irish still in.


Agh bad luck Doke, i'd say it was some experience though. Ah shur youll be back. Good luck for the remainder and hopefully youll take something down.

UL. But hey! You got thru to Day 2 mate... and that's waaaaay better than Andy Black and Phil Laak! WP!

Get aggressive on those cash tables!

Looks like you had a great time over there anyway. I have a feeling you'll hit a nice payout on one of those tournies before you come back.

Hard Luck daragh,
Play some cash, the standard in some of the lower games 1, 2 is so soft it's nearly criminal. Check call = im on a draw
check raise = i've got a monster
bet out - ive got top pair, but have monsters under bed syndrome.


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