Monday, April 14, 2008

Satellite of love

Qualified for three super sats this weekend.

First up Madrid last night, as previously logged.

WSOP tonight, down to 120 after my first hand (all in with AK v KK), somehow recovered to 30K chip leader with 20 left, then 3 river suckouts in quick succession.

Finally Manchester, where the script was get big stack, lose race, repeat about 20 times. Arrived at final table with big stack (3 tickets), lost some more races, was short stack with five left, one huge call with K8 in the SB to be shown 108 (totally read dependent), this time no suckout, marginal short stack with 4 left, clung on and ducked and dived and eventually two of the others went allin, AQ v KK, the marginally bigger stacked AQ went hit two pairs and that was that, ticket plus expenses for a tournament I was going to go to anyway.



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