Monday, March 10, 2008

I am the Satellite king

Just won a ticket to the Irish Masters in an online satellite, so I'm well chuffed about that. I seem to really click with these online sats: I've never worked it out exactly but my ROI must be running at something ridiculous like +2000%. Not sustainable long term, but I do reckon there's real value in these events.

I ended up headsup with The Al Lad from He played a great game: was short stacked early on so great comeback by him. At one point I think I was outchipped about 4/1 when we were HU, but then it swung around the other way and we ended up all in and my 2's held against his ace 2. As is usually the case when two players are pretty evenly matched, the cards decide when it's HU.

You see some amazing shit in these satellites though. I was playing another one recently, a freeroll, and there were 6 left for 5 tickets to a better class of satellite. So we're all sitting there with between 100K and 500K in chips, except the small blind, who after he's posted his blind has 250 left. Or about 1/40th of a big blind. Folded round to button, button raises, and you're thinking automatic call with any two cards from Mr. "My M is 0.025 if I fold here", but no, he folds!

So now there's 5 blokes sat there with between 100K and 500K, and one guy with less than 1K, so you're thinking everyone will fold until he gets into a pot, then everyone calls and checks it down. Right? No, wrong.

Few hands later, bloke who button raised raises 3BB (ie, 30K) UTG, it's folded round to the BB, who calls. Flop comes Jack high, BB bets, UTG moves all in (!!!) with a pair of 10s (!!!!!!!), gets called by the BB who has a jack, and the guy sitting there with 2.5% of a big blind wins a ticket!

No wonder so many of the live pros regard us online qualifiers as "the value".

In other news, I booked the Vegas trip for me and my bro. We'll get there the 26th (of June) and stay there till the bitter end (the 17th). I'm also planning to play the GUKPT Manchester at this point. Speaking of which, a big thumbs up well done to Fran "Jackyback" Egan for another great result, 7th in the London GUKPT event.


Thanks mate dissapointed and happy at the same time


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