Monday, March 30, 2009


Played the Jackpot team thing yesterday. Was in decent nick at the break and the whole team were still in, then I lost a big pot to Fintan where he bluffed on the end with 6 high and I declined to call him down with ace high. Fintan of course showed the bluff, which seems to be oblig if you're from the weshhhhht. Thereafter I was in that less than 20 bigs zone where you can't really be open folding, nor can you simply be folding for very long. A guy who had just moved to the table opened in early position. He had a huge stack, most of it chips of the smallest denomination, which usually screams "maniac". I look down at AQ and go with my read that it's ahead of his range and he may even call with worse and ship. He snaps with nines, ace on the flop, 9 on the river, thank you and good night. Afterwards I thought maybe the move was a little rash in a team event. I'd ship every time there in a solo tournament obv. Also, didn't realise that Cat had just been eliminated meaning I had to be one of our three scorers. In the event, KP fought an amazing rearguard action with a short stack to go out in 11th, Rob was 4th, but all to no avail.
Cat and I headed to the Fitz IO sat. I got the ideal start doubling up with aces against Pat Vickers' jacks, got to the FT in decent nick third or fourth in chips, but ultimately got dogged by one of the worst players I've ever seen, even in the Fitz. This guy arrived at the FT with enough chips to nail down a ticket but still couldn't help getting involved with any rag aces or suited cards. First he decided to defend against my utg+1 raise with Q8 (sooted), and to continue on an AQ4 flop (I had AK btw). I guess he smelt the queen on the river. I'm still struggling to
believe he defended against one of the few stacks that could serously dent him with Q8 though: clearly not a notion of satellite strategy. That left me crippled, but I rallied briefly before he got me again, limping A7 and calling my ship (AJ) a hitting a 7. Still, reassuring to think such genius will be in attendance at the IO.
Online, I'm back playing some turbo 6 seaters and although there's clearly some positive variance at work, I'm destroying them for now, having won 7 of my first 10! The HU practise is clearly standing to me: I've won all 7 HU battles. I seem to be hitting a bit of a brick wall in the superturbo headsup stts though, so I might take a break. There seem to be more decent regs about. After my best batch ever (68/32), I just had a losing batch (48/52).
Hearty congrats to Martin Silke for his GUKPT win. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy or a better player.
Plan for this week is probably another IO sat in the SE tomorrow and maybe the Bruce game in Mullingar on Friday. Was originally intending to head to Galway with Rob and Cat for the IO sat there, it used to be one of my favourite places to play, but there's only so many times you can be bluffed and shown it before it gets a bit tedious.


Shocking, shocking stuff by the Fitz donk Dara. Really unlucky.

There is nothing worse than someone in that spot who plays like he did. You want to grab him by the scruff and shake some sense into him or even just tell him he's doing everything wrong but you know theres no point and it's all B52.

I've past the baton on to you Dara, you deal with these donkeys.


Hi Dara,
I felt your pain dude. Both hands were just a car crash. And then he started coaching chinese Alan on pot odds and getting pries to call etc etc and all i wanted to do was throttle the eejit... UL 2 sick hands...


Thanks lads, really just a vent but it's good to know I'm not the only one that feels the need.

Sorry that I donked you out of the sat.

In the Q8 hand I was not in the blinds though, but on the button. You allowed me to get to the river very cheaply and I got lucky. I believe it went check, bet, call then check, check on the turn. Trying to trap and letting me catch up like that was not good either. I would have folded in a heartbeat if you had raised or bet before the river.

In the last hand you went all-in from the blinds and with your low stack the range I put you on was 50/50 against my A7s. As I was getting better odds than 1:1 I decided to call. Marginal yes, but still not completely bad.

@ Jay O T

Ok, I might have mentioned that I was getting the odds to call (against the range) but saying that I was "coaching" and "etc"? Come on.. I'm not that stupid ;)

First off Mads, congratulations on winning your seat, and best of luck at the IO.

Your recollection of the first hand is incorrect. You were definitely the big blind. Flop action was check (you), bet (me), call (you). I checked behind on the turn and then you bet the river and I called. I'm sure Jay can confirm this too as his recollection of hands is top rate.

You were possibly priced in to call on the second one, although my range is possibly not as wide as you think since I have to expect a caller so I wouldn't push garbage there. My question is why you were even in the hand in the first place. Calling a limp with a raggy ace when you already have a stack sufficient to lock down a ticket is hardly good supersat strategy.

I must be mixing the first hand with some of the other times I played Q8 ;-) You were 3 to my left as far as I remember so when you said you were utg that put me on the button.

To my knowledge most people tighten up in a situation like this and you can easily take advantage of that. I know I should have played more aggressively if I were to play hands like that. Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. I make no illustion of the fact that I still have a lot to learn. Actually this was my first supersat.

I did tighten up a lot after you went out. I tried to avoid big confrontations, even though I made mistakes here and there. Also I did lay down kings 4-handed in the BB when the 2nd in chips openpushed for 75% of my stack from the button.

I hope you still make it to the IO.

PS: Who was Jay? The guy in seat 6 or 9 or a railbird?

Hi Mads, I believe I was 2 to your left at the time (we'd already lost one in between). I wasn't utg in fact, I was utg +1. Paddy hsad already folded when I raised.

Jay was two to my left (he went out a few minutes after me I believe).

I heard about the KK laydown from Rob: very good laydown.

Thanks for good wishes. I've already qualified online as it happens on Paddy Power.

I apologise if the comments at the time I made come across as a bit harsh. I sometimes forget that everybody has to begin somewhere and learn from mistakes. Given that it was your first supersat, you did really well to land a ticket.

Did you hear about the QQ vs Q5 hand then? Everyone thought it was over and when the river hit I was the only player at the table realizing right away it was a split. Even Paddy thought he was out. And it happened on the very next hand after the KK laydown. The buzz around the table was crazy.

Yeah, Stuey (who went out in 5th) told me about it in the Sporting Emporium: amazing escape for Paddy.


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